As mentioned in the introduction, all this information has been gleaned by the author's visiting various facilities in the U.S.A. The author does not know of any other website that specifically addresses the needs of Jewish inmates in other countries.

In reality, every county jail, state and federal prison, is different, and at the same time the same. Each facility will have rules that may be particular to that facility.

In large metropolitan areas, where many Jews live, the local facility will be aware of the specific needs of Jewish inmates. They will have regulations that allow for provisions of wearing yarmulke, serving kosher food, etc... However, even facilities that have never had a Jewish inmate, will, eventually, agree to provide to one extent or another, for the religious needs of Jewish inmates.

The best way to have religious needs met is to work with the staff chaplain. Even in facilities that have many Jews, often times the officers on duty will not be aware of the special needs of Jewish inmates. Prison chaplains will do their best to help Jewish inmates, regardless of their religious affiliation.

It is important that an inmate be consistent with what he or she demands, especially with regard to religious practices. It has happened more than once that a Jewish inmate has "demanded" kosher food. Then, that very same day, that inmate is seen eating on the main line - non-kosher food. In order to establish credibility, being truthful is of utmost importance. Being consistent will also earn you the respect of the other inmates and staff. Please go to the next chapter where there is a story about this.

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