Every faith group is represented in the prison population and each group has its specific needs and associated problems. Some of these problems are not necessarily unique to a particular faith group.

The goal of this web site is to attempt to provide support before, during, and after incarceration to both the Jewish inmates and their families and friends. By providing this forum for communication, our prayer and hope is that the pain of incarceration for all concerned will be eased. As it says in Proverbs, chapter 12, verse 25; "Problems of the heart you should speak". The commentaries explain that by speaking with others it makes the problems that much easier.

Please note that the author, Rabbi Loschak, has been visiting various prisons for over twenty years. The information contained here has been gleaned from his experiences and is only relevant to prisons in the United States. Obviously, each institution is unique.

'Jews in Prison' is one of the programs of Chabad of California.

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